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I wore the very large broad brim sun hat during the hot summer months in rural Tuscaloosa County when I went outside to do chores with Mom and Dad. I even wore it in the early dewy morning as a child, age 11 walking behind my dad in the garden just checking things over. And after lunch in the hot broiling sun we went to the fields to check on the status of the ripping corn.

Wide Brim Straw Hat

My Dad would pull the corn down to my level and I watched as he pulled the silky yellow tassels back to see the progress of the corn kernels. He would nod and gently lift the corn ear back in place on the stalk.

How That Giant Straw Jacquemus Hat Won Instagram This Summer

During the summer months when the corn crop was very young and tender, about three to four feet tall, I would drop fine granules of soda from a bucket at each hill of corn. This was a hard task since the bucket was very heavy for me. Later, dad would come by with the mule and plow and turn the dirt over the soda.

The reward was seeing the corn grow and produce good ears of corn. There were two stages of the corn. First, there was the young tender ears used for eating like fresh fried corn or corn on the cob. These ears were picked immediately when the kernel was filled out.

The second stage was the mature corn which became hard and firm. The ribbon on this classic straw hat adds some charm to a casual summer look. A Sporty Visor. Gone are the days when the visor was reserved for your mom and her tennis friends. A Weatherproof Bucket Hat. Aboat Time Straw Hat. This straw hat fits the bill for a Fourth of July on the water or year-round.

A Fun Wide-Brimmed Hat. Oh, don't mind me and my party hat on the way to happy hour. A Felt Fedora. A Retro Visor.

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A Fisherman's Hat. A Visor-Sunglasses Hybrid.

Large Straw Hat - Beige - Hats - & Other Stories

A Denim Bucket Hat. By the early 20th century, straw boaters were considered acceptable day attire in North American cities at the height of summer even for businessmen but there was an unwritten rule that one was not supposed to wear a straw hat past September This date was arbitrary; earlier it had been September 1, but it eventually shifted to mid-month. If any man was seen wearing a straw hat, he was, at minimum, subjecting himself to ridicule, and it was a tradition for youths to knock straw hats off of wearers' heads and stomp on them.

The riot itself began on September 13 of , two days before the supposed unspoken date, when a group of youths decided to get an early jump on the tradition. This group began in the former " Mulberry Bend " area of Manhattan by removing and stomping hats worn by factory workers who were employed in the area.

The more innocuous stomping turned into a brawl when the youths tried to stomp a group of dock workers' hats, and the dock workers fought back. The brawl soon stopped traffic on the Manhattan Bridge and was eventually broken up by police, leading to some arrests. Although the initial brawl was broken up by police, the fights continued to escalate the next evening.

Round Top Straw Hat

Gangs of teenagers prowled the streets wielding large sticks, sometimes with a nail driven through the top, looking for pedestrians wearing straw hats and beating those who resisted. One man claimed that his hat was taken and the group who had taken his hat joined a mob of about 1, that was snatching hats all along Amsterdam Avenue. Police were slow to respond to the riots, although several off-duty police officers found themselves caught up in the brawl when rioters attempted to snatch their hats.

Many of those taken to court following arrests related to the hat-snatching frenzy opted to be fined rather than serve time in jail. A few youths, including one A. Silverman, did serve several days in jail for their involvement in the riots.