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If this specification, or a future version of this specification, is included in a future version of a Java platform specification, this specification will remain available for use outside the platform specification, and will continue to be evolved outside the platform specification.

Portlet Specification, Version 1. As an incremental upgrade to the technology, we will be building on the last revision, version 1. The other mentioned materials will be taken into account to create a version 2.

Contact Us. It was first released in , and many new versions have been launched since then. Java is currently owned by Oracle.

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Let us see some of their differences as well as similarities from a web app development perspective:. As they separate, there are some top-level similarities, which are worth considering, especially if you are looking at web app development when comparing Java to JavaScript. Front-end development. Back-end development. Java is an OOP object-oriented programming language that came into use in the year Java was developed at Sun Microsystems which was later acquired by Oracle company.

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Those programs or applications developed in the Java programming language will execute in a JVM Java Virtual Machine , by which we can run the same program on different platforms and systems or devices etc. Interactive effects within a web page. Java is used in many places, including credit card programming, Android applications , and the creation of desktop applications and enterprise-level applications. By comparison, JavaScript is primarily used to make web app pages more interactive.

It can be used as an alternative to Flash, although most web developers and programmers will tell you that JavaScript is more popular and has more functionality than Flash. In short, when it comes to how each programming language is used, Java is typically used for all server-side development, while creating client-side scripts for tasks such as JS validation and interactivity is reserved for. JavaScript code is all-text and Java code must be compiled.

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Each language needs different plug-ins. JS code is run on a browser only, whereas Java creates web applications that run in a browser or virtual machine. Java is an object-oriented programming language OOP , and JS is specifically an object-oriented scripting language. Without a doubt, JavaScript and Java being under a belt will provide more employment to a coder and create more lucrative opportunities for employment down the road. JS is still very much a web technology, whereas Java is a general-purpose programming language that can create anything.

When you hire dedicated developers , their hourly rates depend on a number of factors such as project complexity, seniority level, and complexity of the workspace, geographical location and, of course, the type of programming language they work with. LocalTransactionCoordinator is completing or completed issue with hibernate spring transaction Ask Question. Asked 9 years, 6 months ago.

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Viewed times. When I run my hibernate dao method for persisting the data through Junit its working fine. Exception description: I am facing an issue that is when I run my code through unit test case data is getting updated in database properly but when I run the same code with integration with portlet my code is executing finely but after the completion of transaction the records is not getting updated to database.

LocalTransactionContainment is completing or completed. IllegalStateException: Cannot enlist Synchronization.

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LocalTransactionCoordinator is completing or completed. Pascal Thivent k gold badges silver badges bronze badges. Bijendra Singh Bijendra Singh 36 1 1 gold badge 2 2 silver badges 5 5 bronze badges. Please help in resolving this issue. Can you provide a more complete stack?

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