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Also available as: Hardcover. Birds of the Southwest provides detailed information on identification, habitat preferences, voice, seasonal occurrence, and abundance of more than species of birds found in the southwest deserts, coasts and mountains of Arizona, New Mexico, southern California and southern Nevada. Each species description is accompanied by a may showing the rand and distribution of that species , and color photographs aid in identification.

In addition, directions are provided for more than four hundred localities where species can be found. With its complete coverage of avian abundance and distribution in all habitats of the Southwest and its unique listing and description of major birding localities, including photographs of fifty sites, Birds of the Southwest will be an important reference for the beginner and the experienced birder alike. John H. London: Rough Guides, [] pp. Ward, Henry B. Journal of Applied Microscopy , 2 10 October Stone, at 21st annual meeting of the society, in Columbus, Ohio. Science , new series, 10 September 15 Cox's discovery illustrated by George T.

The Cosmopolitan , 34 3 January In : Davies, Bryan R.

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Dordrecht, Boston, and Lancaster: Dr W. Junk Publishers, pp. Monographiae Biologicae [H. Dumont, series ed. Ward, Jake 2. Best Life , 5 1 February Grand Canyon River Runner , no. Charleston, South Carolina: Arcadia Publishing, pp. Images of America. American Journal of Science , 4th Series, Fontaine, A.

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Mostly a reprinting of Ward's item in Popular Science Monthly , Half-title for volume: Glimpses of the cosmos by Lester F. Ward; comprising his minor contributions now republished, together with biographical and historical sketches of all his writings. London: Ward, Lock, and Co. Grand Canyon, pp. Science , new series, 27 May 22 Bigelow ; Item In : Natural Resource Year in Review Denver: U. Ward, Robert De C. Monthly Weather Review , 40 12 December Cambridge, Massachusetts: The University, pp.

In : Merritt, Ray ed. Cohen Collection. Volume distributed by Luminosity Lab, New York. Beus, Steven W. Carothers, and Frank B. Report submitted to Richard W. Marks, Grand Canyon National Park, pp. Park Science U. Tome premier. Paris: Ambrois Dupont et Roret, [] pp. Wardlaw, B. Geological Survey, Open-File Report , 15 pp.

Geological Survey, Professional Paper D , pp. Geological Survey, Professional Paper C , pp. Wares, Alan Campbell The Hague: Mouton, pp. Janua Linguarum, Series Practica, no. Wargula, Carl 2. Terrestrial Biology Reports. Phase I documentation, Category and report number are as assembled for the GCES library, and this citation reflects this unique scheme; "no date" indicates none specified in the original table, although the document itself may bear a date. This title may be cited in another part of this bibliography, but some titles in Part 20 are unpublished reports cited only here.

Part 20 is no longer updated, the GCES program having ended. Geological Survey, Water-Supply Paper , pp. Waring, Gerald A. By Gerald A.

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Waring; revised by Reginald R. Blankenship and Ray Bentall. Geological Survey, Professional Paper , pp. Also see p.

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  • Historic Vegetation Changes. Phase II documentation, P7. Draft September Final December Ecological Entomology , 15 1 Waring, Gwendolyn Lee Dissertation Abstracts International , 48 4B Wark, Tom Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper , September 27, pp. T1, T8-T9. Breaks Interstate Park, Virginia.

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