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Altair gave him the dagger he used as a portkey, and Harry asked what the runes on the hilt mean. Altair smiled and said softly " They translate to Crimson Moon, no one knows why, but, maybe you'll find out, even we don't know. Suddenly, Altair looked up, and his eyes snapped to Harry's "Harry, your friends are being attacked at the Burrow, go now if you wish to save them, to teleport think of the location and will yourself to be there. Harry nodded and after a few seconds disappeared in a flash of smoke.

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When Harry reappeared, it was in the midst of a small war, three people were hiding behind a fence shooting curses at the Death Eaters. Harry's eyes widened in anger as he saw that the people were none other than Ginny, Ron, and Hermione. Without a thought of what he was doing he lunged at the nearest death eater, ripping Crimson Moon through his neck, he died immediately. Harry looked around and saw about nine more death eaters, Harry teleported in back of another and threw him into a group of three others.

By now all the death eaters had seen him and were shooting spell after spell at him, they were all hitting him, but not affecting him whatsoever, even when a death eater shot a killing curse at his face it just felt to Harry like someone had flicked his forehead.

Harry lunged at the remaining death eaters and slashed at the group with Crimson, with one stroke he had sliced off four of their heads, and he quickly dispatched the rest with slashes to the throat. The death eaters dead, Harry turned towards his friends who were all looking at him in fear, except for Ginny, she was looking at him with a confused and admiring gaze.

Harry ran up to them quickly. Ron and Hermione both said at the same time.

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Dumbledore is having everyone look for you, he's convinced you've turned dark. We will have nothing to do with you, I'm calling Dumbledore. Hearing several pops around him Harry grabbed Ginny in his arms and teleported back to where the portkey had taken him. Right as he left he heard Dumbledore scream "Stop Him!! Harry and Ginny appeared in front of the members of the Crimson Shadows. Altair clapped his hands together and looked at both of them before saying loudly.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Books Harry Potter. Harry is sick and tired of Dumbledore and the order, so when one of his ancestors gives him an offer, he accepts it with little thought. He has no idea of the destruction he can cause. Review and enjoy. I don't own Characters are mostly AU Crimson Moon Harry sat on his bed in Number 4 Privet Drive, thinking about, well, everything that has happened to him because of the so called 'light' side.

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Dear Harry, I am sorry about what happened in my office before you left, I should not have kept it from you. Damn right, Harry thought, but continued reading. At this point, Harry was shaking in anger. He continued. Headmaster, Dumbledore Harry was visibly shaking in anger and frustration, if he wasn't thinking of running away before, he sure as hell is now. Dear Harry, You don't know who I am yet, but I come to you with an offer. You are sick and tired of Dumbledore and the light side, yet you don't want to join Voldemort.

I hope to see you soon, my heir, Altair All-tie-air Harry stood stunned, finally, he had a choice in what happens in his life, the letter never told him he had to or shouldn't, it gave him a choice. Ignoring his uncles screaming, Harry raised the wand and said in a cool and menacing voice "Avada Kedevra" The jet of green light sped towards his cousin and struck his forehead, Harry then sent another towards his aunt, and turned his wand on his uncle, who with surprising speed, was in front of Harry and swinging a fist towards his head. Altair clapped his hands together and looked at both of them before saying loudly "Welcome to Deepscorn Hollow.

A choice, and Deepscron Hollow 2. Crimson Blodhren 3.

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Julius and Lindsey 4. My book "The other self" is in fact a crime novel ,but it's also a horror one. I was really inspired by multiple personalities psychology. The killer in this novel has multiple personalities and commits morbid crime beheads people etc. Complex personalities and weird and terrible things that happen are usually part of horror books. Mar 14, PM. Suppose I should recommend my own horror novel. It was inspired by the British hammer horror flicks from the 50s and 60s.

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I absolutely love horror! Normally the supernatural sort of horror grips me because well it's not normal, but I have to say I like the horror that is mankind. Both of my novels out at the moment are horrors. One of which has been reviewed as "Early James Herbert" which is a massive compliment in my books! Mar 15, PM. They're both full of awesome horror short stories written by over 50 authors from around the world. There's first time authors, established, well known pros and regular names on the horror scene. Worth checking out! Edited by: nathan rowark on Apr 9, PM.

Apr 09, PM. Go Up. Cord of Dragon Sinew Heroic. Girdle of Shamanic Fury Heroic. Deepcaller's Clasp.

Tanglekelp Waistwrap. Wavespine Clutch. Firearrow Belt Heroic. Firemend Cinch Heroic. Azsh'ari Stormsurger Links Benthic. Vim's Scalecrusher Chain Benthic. Cord of Dragon Sinew Raid Finder.

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Girdle of Shamanic Fury Raid Finder. Notorious Combatant's Mail Waistguard. Notorious Aspirant's Chain Waistguard. Notorious Gladiator's Chain Clasp. Notorious Gladiator's Chain Waistguard. Sinister Gladiator's Chain Clasp. Sinister Gladiator's Chain Waistguard. Blightguard's Girdle. Kaldorei Archer's Belt.

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Akunda's Grounding Girdle. Belt of Deathly Dominion. Chain Links of Fraying Awe. Cincture of Profane Deeds.