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The unguided lander bounced off the surface of the duck-shaped Comet 67P twice, until coming to rest off-kilter in the shadow of a crater wall. In fact, scientists did not spot the lander until a few years later. The tension oozed. The Philae episode made for dramatic reading and viewing, and I would have preferred that Catching Stardust included some journalism there instead of straight narration. Quotes, for example, would have offered emotion and colour from the scientists and engineers on the human side of the mission million miles away.


These sections could each have been more extensive. As for Comet Shoemaker—Levy 9, whose fragments fell one after the other into Jupiter in , it gets only the briefest of mentions in a picture and caption. Starkey, a geologist and cosmochemist, did her PhD at the University of Edinburgh and postdoctoral work at the Open University. After graduating, her research interests shifted from Arctic volcanoes to comet and asteroid sampling, and she analysed samples from Stardust and the Japanese Hayabasa mission. Sadly, there are few further missions planned to visit an asteroid or comet.

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Still, I get a sense that the spring is being loaded for further forays into the solar system, at least among the inner planets. SpaceX has put a satellite in orbit and recovered the rocket, robotic spacecraft are tailing and landing on comets, China and India have planted flags on the Moon, companies have been formed to think about space mining and the SUV-sized Curiosity rover has roamed more than 20 km on the surface of Mars. Rapid- and even real-time coverage on the Web shows these projects in their most raw and exciting states, making clear the infectious passion of the scientists and engineers who are meeting new technical challenges and viewing new worlds.

This is a great time to be a teenage space enthusiast, and this is a great book for them.

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This state-of-the-art DE-CMH lighting kit offers unmatched efficiency, uniformity, light spread, spectral quality and cooler operating temperatures. Key grower benefits include: closer placement, deeper canopy penetration, explosive growth, shorter internodal length and increased production of essential oils and terpenes. However the greenhouse-style fixtures that they commonly use require high placement above the canopy which reduces radiant intensity as opposed to overall intensity measured on a PAR meter and limits yield.