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The White Dragon of Camelot 1/1

The sky erupts into flashes of gold when Aithusa splits open the clouds. It is still daytime and Aithusa is likely to be seen if anyone happens to look the right way. Merlin is close and Aithusa simply needs to look down to see why he has been summoned. There are two people - Merlin and his Arthur - and they are surrounded by creatures. He has summoned these demon-creatures, conjured of flame and hatred, spurred by greed and lust.

Aithusa twists his body - he was always slimmer than others Kilgharrah had commented, for speed and agility - and hurtles for the sorcerer. As Aithusa severs the head from body, the demon-creatures fall to the ground, patches of flame that Merlin and Arthur stamp on. Once that is finished though, Aithusa turns to his Dragonlord and finds a pointed sword blocking his view. Even though he knows what Arthur means to Merlin, he is threatening Aithusa and Aithusa will not stand for it. He is a dragon and the purges are long since past.

With his face set in grim determination, Arthur takes a step forward towards Aithusa. Aithusa roars again, deeper this time and more meaningful as Arthur charges, heading for Merlin this time. Though it is no doubt to get his friend to safety, Aithusa will not let his Dragonlord be taken. He was called to help and he will protect his Dragonlord, even if it is from Arthur. It is Merlin who speaks next and his voice is so calm that both Aithusa and Arthur startle.

He looks to have pieced everything together and he drops his sword.

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It is a fine work and Aithusa can sense that Kilgharrah was the one to create the blade. Kilgharrah would no doubt simply watch, but Aithusa cannot do that. It is too much to bear and he puffs his chest, drawing attention. Arthur startles at his apparent intelligence and Merlin looks at him in delight.

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Arthur looks back at Merlin, a little hopeless and yet still so hopefully. Aithusa can sense his confusion, but he can also sense something larger and deeper, something Arthur has tried to keep hidden. They are comfortable, enjoying the sun as it begins its descent, and wasting time before they both have to return to their lives. Aithusa stirs from the doze he had suck into and opens an eye blearily. It seems to do the trick and Merlin smiles, smoothing his neck scales.

His voice is regretful, as if he could have stopped Aithusa from feeling all the pain and hurt. Aithusa is older now, wiser, and knows that nothing could have stopped him. After everything you lost, you let him live. He is high above, far away in the skies - their cave - but Aithusa can still smell his old friend. Aithusa tensed his muscles and launched into the air. Kilgharrah was waiting by the time they arrived at the cave and he drew himself up to his full height, staring Aithusa down.

Merlin leapt from his back and Aithusa drew closer to Kilgharrah, snorting softly and lowering his body. Kilgharrah was still the stronger of them and he respected his mentor.

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He looked down at Merlin after and bowed his head. Aithusa has never wondered about their bond - it is so clear to any observer. Merlin trusts Kilgharrah and seeks his advice, even if he knows it will not always be what he wants to hear.

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Kilgharrah gives a rumbled laugh and Aithusa snorts sharply, shaking his head when Merlin turns, eyes wide. As he suspected from what he felt in their connection, Arthur is waiting for Merlin by the gate and, even as high as he is, Aithusa can feel the relief the king exudes. Kilgharrah explains that they are two sides of the same coin, but Aithusa thinks its a little different.

A little more like destiny and love than simply being lumped together. They learn together, share memories and now Kilgharrah is unafraid to forge a connection with Aithusa. They dream the same dream, share fond memories that Aithusa knows belonged to all dragons at one time and they are peaceful. The months spin past and there are mentions of wars and conquests, lands lost and won and people scared. Kilgharrah is content only to watch he says he is not meant for that destiny, but that Aithusa is something entirely different , but Aithusa knows he cannot simply watch while Arthur and his kingdom forge their golden kingdom.

It happens accidentally while Aithusa is hunting. He passes valleys and hillsides, fields green with grass before coming to a darkened field. People have died here, slaughtered where they stood, and he sees men in Camelot red and gold shaking their heads. Merlin is with them and he looks grim beside Arthur. Aithusa stays high above, but calls out to Merlin and Merlin answers. Arthur nods and draws his men together while Merlin remains where he is. He falls to the ground, landing with a heavy thud.

He is angry and growling, but not at the knights and certainly not at Merlin and Arthur.

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We ride with the white dragon, the most noble of all creatures and who is granted protection like no other. He can feel their emotions tingling through the death and the sadness and knows, beyond doubt, that he has done the right thing. He flies over the land and calls out in victory. He is too high for enemies to think they can claim a prize and their arrows fall short, raining back down on the united land of Albion. There are the days when Merlin flies upon his back.

They can fly lower then, for Merlin can wave the arrows away - if they come that is. No matter how many times they take to the air, Merlin still acts like a child. It is a gloriously sunny day and Kilgharrah leaves their cave early. With Aithusa here to protect Albion, Kilgharrah can place all his trust in the young dragon and take himself off. He is surely deserving and Aithusa watches him go with a smile.

Merlin already knows and he greets Aithusa warmly. It is where they have been meeting for months now and everyone in Camelot is used to the sight of the large, white dragon. Children often rush forwards when they see Aithusa, calling his name and tying garlands to his legs. Aithusa watches it all with a smile, occasionally bending his neck to snort and snuffle at the children, laughing when they skitter and roar to each other.

The older humans greet him too, but with food and water, for which Aithusa is grateful. He is still growing and still hungry, and sometimes the hunger is almost unbearable. He likes them and likes indulging the human children. There is very likely never to be another dragon one and the human kind are the only ones fearless enough to accept Aithusa, to laugh with him and tie flowers around powerful claws. They laugh together and that is how Arthur finds them, some minutes later. He is accompanied by his knights and a woman and they all pause at the sight of Merlin and Aithusa laughing together.

The king smiles in return and nods to his knights. They continue on their path, but the woman - Gwen, Queen Guinevere - remains. She watches Arthur with sadness and Aithusa can sense something on her, something dishonest and something that is tearing at her.