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But what of the kingdom that is within our own souls? There are evidences that we are not completely free from weaknesses within. Family problems multiply.

IS THE KINGDOM REALLY “WITHIN” YOU? (Luke ) – Grace Gospel Press

Divorce becomes more common. Signs of preoccupation with worldly, material concerns are apparent on every side.

The Kingdom Of God Is Within You

Questionable compliance with principles of trust and integrity in business dealings is too frequent. Courtesy and kindness are too often replaced by abruptness and rudeness in human relations. Growing evidences of promiscuity and infidelity to marriage covenants beset us.

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  • “The Kingdom of God Is Within You”;
  • In this time of impressive Church growth, it is well for us to look within our own souls to assess our individual spiritual vital signs. Too frequently Latter-day Saints of all ages yield to the temptation to explore and sample forbidden things of the world. Often this is not done with the intent to embrace these things permanently, but with the knowing decision to indulge in them momentarily, as though they hold a value of some kind too important or too exciting to pass by.

    While some recover from these excursions, an increasingly large number of tragedies occur that bring a blight and a despair into many lives. The cumulative effect of this is devastating.

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    The reverberations will affect the lives of those who indulge, as well as the lives of those who have loved and trusted them, in unfortunate and unforeseen ways for indefinite periods of time. As a consequence of these things, humanity slips inexorably to a lower level, the real power and influence in the Church and kingdom of God are diminished, and all mankind will inevitably feel the loss.

    Furthermore, as a collective church, we jeopardize our capacity to merit and claim the preserving and protecting blessings from the Lord. For those who keep the trust placed in them and who do not yield to the pattern of the times, and for those who have made or are making their way back from dark paths, I have the most profound admiration and gratitude.

    You are our shining hope. You are our real strength. You will make a significant difference in the final outcome of things.

    “The Kingdom of Heaven Is Within You”

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    The Kingdom of God Is Within You

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